Do I have to purchase a course textbook?

As stated in the American Heart Association’s Program Administration Manual:

“Each student must have the current appropriate course textbook readily available for use before, during, and after the course. Textbooks are designed for individual use and are an integral part of the student’s education.”

Students can/should review the textbook before class and have access to their own copy afterward as a reference to review the material in the two years between certification classes.  

If I already have the book from last time, do I need to purchase a new one?

As stated in the American Heart Association’s Program Administration Manual:

“Students may reuse their textbooks during renewals or updates until new science guidelines are published.”

As long as the book you have is the currently used version, you may reuse one from a previous class.

Does the American Heart Association offer online courses?

Yes, the American Heart Association offers a variety of 'e-Learning' courses for professionals with work-place requirements that seek an alternative to traditional classroom training, or individuals that would benefit from Blended Learning.  These courses use -Simulation technology and are completed in 3 Simple steps around yourbusy schedule that require you to complete Part 1 (cognitive portion) and schedule an evaluation for Parts 2 and 3 (Skills Practice and Evaluation).  Each student who successfully completes an AHA ECC course will be issued the appropriate course card that bears the AHA logo. Register for online courses on our Online Course page

I didn’t have to do a skills check last time. The course was all online.

The American Heart Association does not have any ECC courses that are “all online.” They all require a skills check to receive a certification card. Beware of businesses that advertise “all online” courses and pretend to be associated with the AHA. When in doubt, look for the American Heart Association logo. Skills checks are available on our Online Courses page.

Do you cancel classes?

While we make every effort to never cancel classes, sometimes situations beyond our control may necessitate a class cancellation. However, we will NEVER cancel a class due to low attendance, even if you are the only student signed up. If, for whatever reason, a class must be canceled, all registered students will be given the option of a full refund or transfer to another scheduled class.

What happens if I register for a class and cannot attend?

If you are unable to attend a class or need to change class dates, please let us know as soon as possible. If you need to change to another date, we can transfer you at no additional charge. If, for whatever reason, you need to cancel your registration, please see our cancellation policy.

Do you offer Continuing Education Credits?

Yes, we offer CE's through the California State Emergency Medical Services Authority, California Board of Registered Nursing, Physical Therapists Board of California, Respiratory Care Board of California, and Dental Board of California.

When will I receive my certification card?

All students taking a course at our facility will receive their certification card on-site after completing the course requirements. If you are taking a course at another facility, the cards will be mailed to the location contact or the individual students. AHA allows up to 30 days for card delivery, though cards are normally mailed within one business day of receipt of payment to the Training Center.

How long is the card good for?

All American Heart Association certification cards are good for 2 years

What happens if I lose my card?

Replacement cards may be requested by going to the following links.

For Basic level courses (ie. BLS for Healthcare Providers or Heartsaver)

For Advanced level courses (ie. ACLS or PALS)

A replacement fee may be charged. When ordering a replacement card please provide us with the date of the course and type of the course.

Your replacement card will indicate the exact dates as your original certification card. Expired cards cannot be replaced.

Can Everyday Heroes Training Center teach a course at my location?

Everyday Heroes Training Center provides on-site training in any of the programs we offer throughout the Sacramento Metropolitan area. We will come to your place of business or school to have your staff trained at no additional cost. Group discounts are also available. See our Onsite Training page for information.

I am a childcare/daycare provider. What certification do I need?

Childcare/daycare providers are required to obtain Pediatric First Aid with CPR/AED training every 2 years. The American Heart Association’s Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid course meets this requirement.

Pediatric First Aid: Do I need the EMS sticker?

American Heart Association Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid courses are exempt from the EMS Authority sticker requirements for child care provider pediatric first aid and CPR. See the CA EMSA FAQs #11.

I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I still pay online?

Yes, upon registration, if you don’t want to use a PayPal account, or don’t have one, there will be a link to pay with a credit card.